IT 2 movie sequel The kids are back

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He’s baaa-aaack. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the circus (don’t do that, it’s never safe), Pennywise is returning this year to terrorise the Loser’s Club once again. Continuing the story from the first movie, It: Chapter 2 slickly moves the action 27 years on from the first It movie as the team battle the demons of the many-faced monster as adults. Original director Andy Muschietti is back at the helm and this time he’s joined by an impressive cast of Hollywood A-listers as the grown up Losers. Jessica Chastain is Beverley, damn it!

If you’ve experienced Stephen King’s tome, you know the drill here but here’s the Cliff’s Notes version if you haven’t already read. I know you’ll pick it up straight after this feature, it’s OK. The book isn’t split as cleanly as the movies but the story takes place over two time periods. One, with the Losers as children and the other with them returning to Derry as adults to find that they didn’t rid the town of the evil monster after all. Uh, and indeed, oh.

IT was the surprise smash of 2017.It: Chapter 2 is out September 6 so there’s still a bit to wait but thankfully there’s a veritable clown car’s worth of information out there. Below, I take a look at the changes from the book, break down that Hollywood cast, and take an in-depth look at *that* first trailer. Here’s everything you need to know about It: Chapter Two. And don’t let the horror stop there. Once you’re finished, feel free to head over to our upcoming horror movies  to see other ways to be afraid (very afraid) this year.


When it was made a sequel wasn’t even being lined up, but the immediate extraordinary box office success meant IT 2 was already being confirmed in the film’s opening weeks.

The source book by Stephen King plays with the timelines of the Losers Club as kids during their first encounter with their terrifying nemesis and a return to the terrorised town of Derry 20 years later.

The first movie concentrated purely on the childhood horrors but Muschietti has just thrown our expectations of what ground the sequel will cover.

It: Chapter 2 isn’t due to hit the big screen until September this year, but as soon as a sequel was assured talk quickly turned to who could play the Losers Club as adults.

Major names have already been discussed, with Jessica Chastain the front-runner to play the troubled Beverly alongside A-listers like Idris Elba, Chris Pratt and Patrick Wilson.

It was assumed that the second movie would be a self-contained story like the first. Muschitti’s latest tweet seems to confirm that will not be the case.


IT 2 movie sequel The kids are back 2

The director tweeted a picture from the set of the first film, showing him and the entire Losers Club playing dead.

He tagged the post: “Wake up, losers. Derry is calling. It Chapter 2. It movie.”

The clarifies that the kids will also feature in the second installment

IT movie sequel news from director

                                        IT movie sequel news from director

IT 2 movie sequel The kids are back 3

Whether they will feature in some kind of prologue that sets up the movie, or will be threaded throughout in flashbacks remains to be seen.

Either way, tehir inclusion makes sense, since the young actors were an integral part of why the first film became such a hit.

The horror movie was praised for a portrayal of adolscent awakening that transcended the usual tired horror tropes.

Hopefully, its portrayal of adulthood will also do the same.

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