Maari 2 – Rowdy Baby (Dhanush) Formulaic mass action entertainer

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Maari 2 - Rowdy Baby (Dhanush) Formulaic mass action entertainer 1
Maari 2

Maari, a gangster with a heart of gold, tangles with a new nemesis who is determined to bring about his downfall.
Dhanush’s Maari was neither a big hit nor raved by the critics yet the Action actor surprised everyone by announcing a sequel with Balaji Mohan who directed the original. Thanks to the average first part, we comfortably overlook the flaws in the sequel and in fact, it works well as a formulaic mass action entertainer.
Maari 2 begins from where the first part ended. Maari (Dhanush) still rules his area aided by his best friend Kalai (Kreshna). One thing which Maari hates in his profession is drug business but the opponent gang wants him to partner with them so that they can smuggle it without any hurdle. 


Despite the narrative issues of Maari, director Balaji Mohan managed to make his central character a lovable one in his 2015 film. He brings back this character, Maari (Dhanush), one more time, but once again, the story that we get around this “naughtiest don” remains underwhelming.More importantly, the film also has a well-written female lead character in the form of Araathu Anandhi (Sai Pallavi), an intrepid auto driver who pines for Maari. It is a winsome character and Sai Pallavi’s hits the right note with her performance. A little over the top and the performance would have turned the character into an irritating one, but she strikes the right balance and makes Anandhi endearing. The scenes (and the fabulously choreographed song, Rowdy Baby) featuring her and Maari are the film’s highlight. They are the ones that actually capture the sense of fun that the first film had in its spirit.

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